Scott is a great instructor. He has a thorough knowledge of Dry Needling Technique. He himself being a clinic owner, knows exactly what we as clinicians are looking for. I was looking for a course which provides more hands-on experience as dry needling is totally a lab-based course. The more you practice the better you become. This course is exactly what I needed. Scott also helps with clinical plans and how to use it in our clinic regularly. Planning to take DN-2 soon with them. Becky Morton PT

I enjoyed the detailed anatomy review in conjunction with treatment points. I found the referred pain treatment interesting in injury treatment. Ken took the time to teach the feel of different treatment depths and tissues. This was great. Elisha Cusumano, MS, ATC

Dr. Cooper has literally had decades of success in DN. His clinical experience along with his anatomical explanations leave a solid understanding of what you’ve learned as well as do’s and don’ts for your very first patient to needle. Dr. Amy Kitching, D.C.

The most INFORMATIVE course I’ve ever been to! No cookbook formulas here. 100% pleased. Great knowledge from head to toe.Absolutely prepared.Amanda Beckmann, PT, DPT

This is powerful and the way it was taught makes it a safe technique as well. The way Total Motion Release was introduced bridged the gap between the two techniques. Raphael Carpio MS, ATC

Wonderful course! Coop has a gift of taking a difficult and challenging topic like DN and explaining it in a way where you easily understand the information and feel confident to implement the treatments into your practice. K. John Duncan, MA, ATC

I enjoyed learning how DN can benefit the patient as well as the different techniques used to treat the patient. I highly recommend this course to my colleagues. Chris Litt, MEd, ATC

I had so much fun and learned so much! I definitely want to take the Level 2 course. Carlaine Myers, MAT

I highly recommend this course. Scott is a great instructor. I feel comfortable going into the clinic tomorrow and begin using dry needling. This course really made me look at treatments I thought were effective and things I have seen in my clinical practice and reevaluate the reasons for their effectiveness. Andrea Zink ATC, CSCS

Scott helped to explain DN technique in a way that made me feel confident in my skills and decreased the fear of potential adverse effects of the technique. There was adequate lab time to practice skills. Chrissy Machielson PT

This course has given me a great foundation to use dry needling as a tool to use immediately in the clinic and with my athletes. Beth Maurer PT

This course was the best Con Ed course I have taken. The instructor was great! Scott had a great grasp on the subject and was approachable and always willing to help. He also presented the most recent and relevant research on dry needling. Great work Scott! Rosemary Hyde ATC

I feel the instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me feel confident about safety of needle placement. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in dry needling. Karena Schroeder PT

Scott provided a thorough explanation throughout

all major body parts with plenty of hands-on experience and lots of clinical plans. Rachel Michael PT

I had no experience with dry needling and was apprehensive about how difficult it was to do, as well as safety issues. After the course I feel confident about utilizing this technique, both practically and as a safe modality. Scott made the material and labs very interesting and gave me the confidence to start using this next week. Ashley Mehus MPT

Scott has opened my eyes on a different way to approach my treatments and the way I look at different diagnoses. Dr. Jon Trem DC

This course has given me a great foundation to use dry needling as a tool to use immediately in the clinic and with my athletes. Mary Wood LAT, ATC

I truly feel that Dry Needling is going to become a strength of mine and help separate me from other practitioners as a leader and a pioneer in my field. Dr. Amy Blackwell MPT

I really enjoyed and appreciated the extensive hands-on practice and constant feedback during the lab portion. I feel comfortable incorporating DN into my practice Monday Morning. Ed Ball PT

This seminar was fantastic! Made dry needling seem much less intimidating. Good work Scott!

Well prepared and excellent course. After 30 years in practice it's nice to see the philosophy of healthcare professionalism working together for the patient. Dr. Alex Wolfe DC

Excellent introduction to this technique. Ken focused on practical application and safety! I’m ready to start tomorrow! David Duncan, DO

I had no idea what to expect when choosing this course for myself and my staff members. Ken provided a comfortable, small group environment that allowed for an amazing 3 days of learning. I appreciated how much he spoke about safety, legal and liability issues. I look forward to adding DN to our toolbox. Tina Tubbs, MS, ATC, Asst. Athletic Director, Sports Medicine, Head Athletic Trainer, UC Davis

Although there were so many things to cover, we went through them at a pace in which the instructor made sure we understood the concepts and techniques every time. Janice Lee, MAT

I loved how thoroughly every technique was explained and how much time we had to practice each technique/body part. I finished the course feeling comfortable to start DN tomorrow! Torie Johnson, MS, ATC

The instructor was very knowledgeable. We received useful information followed by lots of hands-on practice that made me more comfortable with these techniques. Douglas S. Hess, MA, ATC

I would highly recommend this course. DN is a very useful tool in the clinician toolbox and this course presents the material in a useful, applicable manner. Information is presented in such a way that attendees become comfortable and experienced in the skills needed to apply DN. Matt Davey, MS, ATC

I really enjoyed this course. 5/5! I left feeling very confident. Steven A. Flores, MS, ATC, CES, Astym Cert

I enjoyed the DN course level 1 for many reasons. Ken was able to put participants at ease and explain the techniques in a way we could understand and apply. I feel that after this course, I am able to be comfortable applying DN in the clinic tomorrow. THANKS! Melissa Hughes, MS, ATC

I think it’s taught in a way that gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in DN. The instructor takes his time to explain in detail how to be both safe AND effective. I like the materials given and the apps used during the course. TAKE THE COURSE! Sheri Altenburg, PT, DPT, CSCS

Excellent course! I feel comfortable using the techniques I learned this weekend in my clinic tomorrow. Clinicians: treating patients with DN impossible without taking a course like this first. Daniel Bannink, PT, DPT

This course has allowed me to become a more complete clinician. I now have new tools to thoroughly treat all my patients to the best of my training and ability. Nicole M. Wargo, PT, DPT

I loved the pace of this course. Ken is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and made learning DN very enjoyable. Brian Jones, MPT

This course not only allowed immediate practical application of techniques but also time for refinement of the same. Brian Gilhool, DPT

Safety emphasized and very well taught with excellent anatomy reviews. Also excellent demonstration and good amount of time spend on practicing techniques. Loved that this course was VERY clinically relevant and taught in “real world” approach. Douglas Schultz, MPT, ATC

Another great tool for your toolbox! Also great anatomy refresher and palpation skill enhancer course.Melissa Haverdill, MPT

Ken takes the fear and anxiety out of needling. He takes a difficult subject and makes it easy to understand and apply. Would recommend this to ALL clinicians if DN is in your scope of practice! Stephen Ung, DPT

Ken is an awesome, down-to-earth teacher that will make you feel competent and comfortable with all the techniques covered. Safety, precision and accuracy were the main components driven home everyday. Thank you for helping me be a better clinician! Vittoria Gasperoni, PT, DPT, ATC

Excellent and comprehensive intro to DN. Ken pulls techniques and knowledge from his diverse background and training. Matthew B. Kucharski, PT, DPT

More tools for the toolbox. This works great! Instructor was very knowledgeable but very laid back also. Great weekend.Reid McCrea, D.C.

Easy and comfortable learning environment Great instructor feedback Practice time was never rushed Ready to use in clinic immediately A. Michelle Hard, MSH-PT, OCS

I 100% recommend this course. The benefit you will get from this course will expand your skills exponentially. The knowledge and skill you receive from this course will be far greater than other seminars you may attend. I would recommend Dr. Cooper as an instructor because of his ability to convey his knowledge and the atmosphere he creates is very fun and learning-friendly environment. Brandon Rockwell, ATC

GREAT INSTRUCTOR! Gave me a far different perspective of DN although I’d taken other DN courses previously. I loved the hands-on practice and experience. I loved the amount of anatomy review. Don’t change anything. Sabina K. Weaver, MSPT

This course expanded my knowledge base in several areas—not just DN! Taking this course has reignited a slightly fizzled passion for my profession. THANK YOU! Jessica M. Leslie, PT, MPT

I highly recommend this course for the class size, individualized instruction, the amount of material covered AND the course is reasonably priced! Craig Clark, ATC

I really loved all the visuals and apps that were used throughout the course. This plus the amount of hands-on made it perfect. Rebecca S. Lee

Excellent knowledge sandwiched between A LOT of experience by the instructor, LOTS of hands on applications and a laid-back atmosphere. He made VERY SERIOUS information safe and fun to learn. Stephen N Arroyo, PT, ATC

I highly recommend this course to all colleagues because of the repeated demonstrations of how focusing on a body region will lead to the revelation of an issue in a completely different region that was previously thought of as unrelated! Dale Gallo, Jr., PT, DPT

BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER TAKEN!I loved being taught conceptually instead of a protocol-based course. This way I can apply the concepts to individual patient presentations. I loved the “real-life” expertise of a clinician that has practiced DN for decades. I love his passion for safety also! Daniel Strohecker, ATC

I had a great deal of trepidation re: needle insertion, worry about causing damage or injury. The way the material is presented in this course has alleviated my fear but heightened my respect for cautious informed Needling. John T. Voyles, PT

This dry needling course is very hands on which will enable you to treat your patient Monday morning. Mark L. Hanson, DC, LAC

Some Dry Needling Level-2 Testimonials :

I would highly recommend this course to everyone! This course was able to teach you to reach muscles and trigger points you can’t reach any other way. I was also able to learn so many awesome correlations and connections between soft tissue and pain conditions that I never thought of previously. There was so much great information it will help my non-needling practice as well! Amy Wehrs, PT, DPT

I’ve stayed engaged in this course from the beginning of Level 1. You will receive an extensive education. It’s very obvious Ken loves what he does by the way he teaches the course and answers everyone’s questions. His knowledge and expertise is unmatched and I feel blessed to be trained by him. Nuha Hasan, PT

This course was in-depth, professionally presented and highly educational. Ken is a wealth of information and an oasis to us all who are in the world of helping people get back to their best. A.J., PT, DPT, CLT

I attended level 1 with rather severe left-sided scapular pain. I received such good pain relief I was able to cancel my upcoming trigger point injection appointment! 8 weeks later at the end of Level 2 my relief persists. Take the class! Roohi Salman, PT, DPT, CEEAA

This course will reduce the amount of time you spend in manual therapy and you will see amazing results. Mital Patel, PT, CKTP

I can’t imagine another course giving the clinical expertise and practical application of using DN in your practice immediately and having the tools to approach and apply to numerous conditions by using “assess and treat” approach and not a “cookie cutter” approach. Charles Schulte, PT

Ken does a great job with explaining each muscle, the anatomical origin, insertion and good palpation skills. He gave me a lot more confidence in my DN skills after level 2 especially. PLUS, HE FIXED MY TMJ CREPITIS WITH ONE NEEDLE INSERTION!! Khushbu Shah, PT, DPT

You will learn lots of treatments for multiple diagnoses. 27 hours felt like NOTHING! Never boring. Time flew. Great emphasis on safety throughout. Plus, you get your whole body treated—all clinicians need that. Amy Brennan, PT, DPT

Ken teaches a very user-friendly, informative and hands-on class, just like level 1. It took the rest of my fear away from needles. I know how the patient will feel about needles, infections and other fears. Great course, Ken.Ahmad Naeem, PT

Ken is a great teacher. I am happy with how this advanced course was arranged. I enjoyed reviewing DN 1 techniques to make sure we were ready to advance. I’m hoping he’ll teach a level 3 someday! A.C. PT, DPT

I would highly recommend this course. It is hands-on, dynamic and a great way to spend a weekend. DN is a wonderful tool to have in your tool box. Ken is smart, personable and a wonderful teacher. If you want an edge in your treatment outcomes, take both levels and get ahead! Stephanie Owens-Burkhart, PT, DPT, CSCS

This was structured, concise and cumulative. There were good case reviews and practical applications. There was a lot of hands-on with craniofacial, extremities and trunk as well. Ken is a great communicator and a great clinical reference. Nathaniel Drees, DC, CSCS

Master Dry Needling Levels 1&2 have changed how I treat patients and how I view injuries! Ken is outstanding and presents in a manner that is easy and fun to learn. TAKE THEM BOTH. Russ Schellhase, AT

Ken is hands down an amazing instructor. I was immediately able to utilize my DN skills soon after Level 1 and Level 2 is the perfect follow up. I would recommend this to anyone looking to excel in DN. Dr. Hassan Jafri, DPT CKTP

Level 2 was like level 1: very informative, very effective. Take them both. Daniel Diers, DPT, MPT, ATC

Great course. From Level 1 to Level 2 I’m ready to treat my patients when Monday comes! I highly recommend taking this advanced course from Ken. Anthony J. Mascaluso, PT

Ken makes you want to be a better, more knowledgeable person and clinician. He is skilled in DN but also as a teacher. The courses have literally changed my outlook on my profession for the better! Ashlen Bissell, PT, DPT

Just like level 1, I enjoyed the instruction that occurred before, during and after the initial demonstration of the technique. I also like the anatomy and palpation reviews! Ken did an awesome job! L. G., PT, DPT

I feel like I have finally found a treatment that I can make real changes in function and quality of life for everyone in my life! Kristin Scarle, MPT

This advanced course was awesome in its emphasis on safety and preparation for every participant to be confident needling on Monday. Ken was very knowledgeable and fun, too! Lynleigh Hughes, PT, DPT

Ken makes it easy to learn and grasp the concept and skills to be able to be an advanced DN practitioner. His demeanor and personality augments the ability to learn quickly. Robert L. Fleming Jr., PT, MTC

DN part 2 is a thorough and engaging course that is a must for all clinicians interested in advancing their introductory knowledge base in DN. Dr. Cooper is an excellent instructor with incredible anatomy skills, technique and case studies to support his teaching. Lauren M. Ventura, PT

Dr. Cooper is super knowledgeable and gives immediate assistance and feedback. His teaching style matched my learning style—learn by doing! Billie S. Sloss, PT

This advanced course does a great job demonstrating and giving the clinician a great knowledge base on DN based on evidence-based principles. Ken does a great job with delivery and showing all the safe and sound techniques of DN. I would absolutely recommend this course to someone looking to enhance their DN skills. Alden Joseph Morange, PT

This is a great advanced course. I like how the class is tailored to the needs and wants of the participants by Ken communicating before and during the course. The class is interactive, fun and instructional. Ken is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. Lisa Dantin, MPT

Ken did a great job of teach both evidenced-based practice and practical application of DN. He was able to help cover material for a wide variety of patients and patient-settings and circumstances. This advanced course help instill more confidence in how I integrate DN into my clinical practice. Kevin M. Schroeder DAT, ATC

Ken is patient, kind, calm and knowledgeable which I feel helps participants understand and improve their DN skills. TAKE BOTH LEVELS! Richard Theirot, MPT

Ken does an outstanding job of presenting the data in a “rubber meets the road” manner. Technically sound and emphasizing safety at all times, his concepts of letting the patient’s reactions lead you where to go vs. a structured cookbook is refreshing. Bert Lindsey, PT

This is a much more comprehensive course and the knowledge you come away with is far superior to the knowledge you gain from other courses. Jason Schuster, PT, DPT, MTC

This improved my overall knowledge of the body and treatment options to promote optimal rehab in a wide array of settings. Superior to other course I have taken and more in depth in comparison to colleagues who have taken DN elsewhere. Highly recommend. Angela Lynn Carlson, PT, DPT

I highly recommend this course as I felt the concepts and techniques were very thoroughly taught. A very relaxed atmosphere and allow plenty of practice time making sure all participants were comfortable with the techniques. By far, one of the most “ usable on Monday” courses I have attended over the years. Michelle Schuman, MSPT

The power of dry needling is amazing and could be a game changer! Tim Stai, MSPT

LaToya Green, PT,DPT

This class took a lot of anxiety I had about dry needling as a PT and patient. The group as a whole was very enjoyable. I did not feel intimidated about asking questions. Knowing risk involved with dry needling and techniques to avoid those risk is very relieving of stress. Kylie Batterson, DPT

Lots of good info, plenty of evidence-based material in great hands on experience! Can’t wait to see how it works when it is put into action. Ken and Scott really created a family type environment and establish a true community surrounding dry needling. Angela R. Dahl, MPA, ATC, LAT

This course provides excellent clinical application to take with you as soon as the course is over. The experience and knowledge just played is far greater than other trainings I have taken. Grant Vlasin, DC

This was a good introduction to dry needling. Appreciated the amount of lab time as well as feedback by instructors an overall technique. Enjoyed the smaller class (15). Sherry J. Steffen, R1

I would definitely recommend this course to all my colleagues. It is sound in theory and has shown to produce amazing results. Ken and Scott are excellent teachers and a great resource for Q&A regarding difficult cases. This is the first seminar of this kind that I have held here and would definitely be interested in hosting advanced courses. This was an awesome conference and I would highly recommend it. Christopher A. Fertal, MBA, ATC, LAT, CSCS

Ken is very knowledgeable, friendly and funny. The course was fun to take. This Dry Needling course was informative and educational. I have taken two previous DN courses from different organizations and found this course to be next level stuff in regards to getting me to uncharted areas clinically. A.P. DPT, FAAOMPT

I would highly recommend this course to colleagues due to the amount of time for hands-on practice and focused concentration on palpation skills, anatomy and practical knowledge to start using DN right away. I feel comfortable to begin immediately, understanding parameters, indications and contraindications. Thank you, Ken! Lynne Carpenter, DPT, LMT, NTS, RYT200

I would HIGHLY recommend this course to all my colleagues. Majority of time was spent in hands-on practice with instructor always available to assist. This absolutely changed my overall grasp of Dry Needling. Kimberly D. Baughman

I definitely recommend this course because it is another technique to use in our toolbox that definitely makes a difference for patient care and in injury recovery. Karen L Brogna, AT, PT

Instructor was knowledgeable but…answered each question very specifically and was very accommodating to special requests. I would recommend this course to any practitioner who is motivated, curious and knowledgeable in myofascial disorders to help each patient quickly make DRASTIC changes! R.E., PT

Instructor was truly amazing, helpful and very practical. Totally mindblowing. Instructor was laid back but answered each question very specifically and was very accommodating to special requests. I recommend this course to all qualified professionals to understand the concepts of Dry Needling utilizing thorough understanding of normal and abnormal anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. P. Kumar, OTR/L, CDEII

The thing I liked most about the course was the instructor’s level of knowledge, his presentation and the interaction with class materials. Great course!!!! Thank you! J. P., DPT

I highly recommend this course because it will change your thinking on how to treat patients! It is also a great tool to add to your tool box, especially treatment resistant cases. Cynthia K White, AT, SCAT

I highly recommend this course to all colleagues interested in learning and advancing in Dry Needling. Great instruction, great lab…plenty of hands-on experience. Dr. David L Haught, DPT, LMT, AT

Great seminar. All 5’s on a 5 point scale. Liked everything about it. Period. Alec Khlebopros, DC

I would highly recommend this particular course to clinicians interested in dry needling. Ken is a great instructor. The course provides ample hands-on practice with instructor guidance with just enough theoretical knowledge and background without being overwhelming. GREAT COURSE! Andrew T Nguyen, PT, DPT

Great hands-on experience! Lots of anatomy review and palpation. Relaxed atmosphere. Great Con Ed course—a MUST HAVE course for all PT’s and OT’s. L.C., OTR/L, PT, DPT

I strongly recommend participating in this Dry Needle course, not only to further treatment options for your patients but for yourself as well—I personally experienced decreased pain and increased function I’ve been in search of for many years! Amanda Caperton, PT, DPT

I strongly recommend this class. Ken was great to learn from and truly take the time to help me apply this tool to patients I’m currently dealing with. This is an incredible tool to have to help more patients and athletes. Kira Rubin, LAT, ATC

I would recommend this course to all my colleagues as Ken is very patient and knowledgeable and makes the weekend a lot of fun. His anatomy reviews were awesome refreshers. Ariana Junkar, MS, ATC, LAT

This is a great course that covers A LOT of material in a very practical manner. I will definitely send some of my PTs to this class. Kenneth L. Clouston, PT, DPT

A great course to teach a great tool to add to daily practice, especially as an athletic trainer. I am comfortable using dry needling on my athletes to improve outcomes I might not otherwise get using other techniques. Chappell H. Evans, MS, ATC

This course gives you a lot of opportunity to use the needles on many areas, as well as to experience being treated yourself. When you leave, you are not afraid to utilize it clinically. R.D., PT

Learned much more than I anticipated or expected! Very therapeutic and deep, penetrating treatment approaches. I would highly recommend this course to learn safe and effective needling techniques. Nicholas M. Tancheff, DC

I recommend this course because the amount of individual help given, the small class size, the small groups to work in, the large of amount of practical experience, a caring and very knowledgeable instructor, the great learning atmosphere and the sheer number of years Dr. Cooper has been practicing needling techniques. Jane A Ray, DC

I learned that rumors of DN being extremely painful were not true—only occasional points were painful. I personally received relief from both acute and chronic problems. I learned a lot not only from planned course instruction from Dr. Cooper but also to see how he approaches all different kinds of clinical issues. It was extremely beneficial to see him in action and I felt empowered to use these techniques safely. Thank you! Thomas Deyton, PT

What I really enjoyed about the course is the applicability of DN and relevance in the clinical setting. I loved the anatomical review and subsequent safety of identifying critical structures. I also enjoyed and appreciated Ken’s approach to learning. I felt very comfortable with his explanations and he always made himself available to questions. Ken does NOT offer a cookbook approach. I like that! Momoko Leigh O’Brien, PT, DPT, OCS

I think this was educational and a very practical application to any practice. I would highly recommend to colleagues. As a chiropractor this technique adds tremendous value to my clinic. Ryan D Paramo, DC

This was a great hands-on experience. I was initially quite anxious but with guidance and practice as well as being “the patient” and receiving DN myself, I can honestly say I have no anxiety at all with DN now. I enjoyed the great practical experience of the instructor. Greg S. Cromier, MS, PT

Yes, I recommend this course. It offered good, detailed instruction. I can’t wait to include it in my treatments. I’m sure a lot of my patients will benefit from DN! Matthew Scheib, MS, PT

I really enjoyed the lab aspect –liked feeling what was discussed in lecture. I liked the lecture kept things simple and easy to understand. Ryan Wade, MPT

I recommend this course wholeheartedly. Ken makes all levels of experience feel capable and comfortable. He has a great bedside manner. A great course with evidence-based approach. AKP, MA, ATC, CSCS

Dr. Cooper has extensive knowledge, experience and research to give PT’s a firm foundation to stand on with this technique. He instills confidence in participants with all of the hands-on practice in order to be able to incorporate DN immediately in the clinic. Jeree Menning PT, OCS, CSCS

I really enjoyed the instructor and clinical flow. There were great clinical examples all weekend. Patrick Vigil, PT, DPT

I liked the effectiveness of DN and the immediate clinical and functional applications. I appreciated the relaxed manner and the deep knowledge and experience of the instructor. I also liked the course materials were made available in PDF format prior to the course. The anatomy and science reviews during the course were great. Andrew C. Hillyer, MS, PT

Great intro course for DN concepts and practice—I feel confident with my ability to introduce procedures into my practice after 3 days. C. David Burton, ATC, LAT, MA

This is the second course I have taken from Ken. I love the mostly hands-on aspect in order to plunge right into the most important element of the course—DN application with safety and confidence to effect positive changes. Thanks Ken! William Allen, MPT

This was an excellent course. It was very hands-on with an easy learning curve. Gregory R. Marr, LAT, ATC

This has been the most intimate course I have taken. Ken is extremely knowledgeable about DN and is able to relate the information in a very understandable way. He takes the time to answer any and all questions to help you become a better clinician using DN. Jason Schuster, PT, DPT, MTC

I enjoyed the hands-on instruction we received throughout the course. Ken is a very knowledgeable instructor with a very patient and practical teaching approach. James J Greathouse, DPT

I would recommend this course to all of my colleagues. It contains very good information. This will be very useful in my clinic. Greg Munroe, ATC, LAT

I enjoyed the personal approach to teaching DN that gave a sense of individualized instruction. Any personal question could be directed and answered quickly. I would highly recommend this course. It is a comfortable way to learn proper DN techniques. Rand Rindlisbacher, PT, DPT

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Ken is humble and very approachable, giving a very relaxed and friendly setting. Maria Carmen Vasco, DPT

The small group was beneficial as we had good access to Ken. He demonstrated excellent knowledge of concepts and technique. Tim Soder, MS, PT

This course was incredible at opening my treatment options as a therapist, especially to be able to treat muscles at the tip of a needle rather than the tip of my fingers, and with greater results. Just one session on my right shoulder has given me 3 days of pain relief and increased function I have not had for greater than a year. Bryan J Brockett, PT

This course gives you the tools you need to make a difference with patients the next treatment day. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge and makes it clinically relevant. Kristin Scarle, MPT

I liked the “non-muscular TP’s” inclusion of other soft tissues like ligaments, myotendinous junctions and tenoperiosteal junctions. Dr. Cooper’s knowledge is amazing. The course was in depth with inclusion of history and multiple needle techniques and ways to use DN clinically. I especially like how he trained us to feel and analyze every tissue the needle passed through. Ashlen Bissell, PT, DPT

This course was research-driven, clinically based and utilized a very experienced instructor. I looked at this course as bridging the list of many other “schools of thought” in that Ken’s focus is more on what works clinically than just theory. Bert Lindsey, PT

This was the next level of treatment. It is doable. This may just complete my treatment tool box. Great course. Edward Kevin Mizell, PT

Ken’s knowledge and experience is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. He presents the information in a way that is easy to grasp. Additionally, he adapts his teaching to the needs of the class. I would highly recommend this to any professional. Can’t wait for level 2! Alden Joseph Morange, PT, DPT

I really enjoyed this course and instructor. I came into this seminar not knowing much about DN. I learned so much and I feel confident in being able to start practicing DN immediately. So much interesting, valuable information. Lisa C Dantin, MPT

Ken Cooper is a great clinician and teacher. There was lots of hands on practice with immediate feedback on your palpation and needle placement. There was also a lot of relevant anatomy review with heavy emphasis on SAFETY. Can’t wait for level 2! Billie Sloss, PT

Excellent course to review and practice anatomy and palpation skills. This was educational and informative and will be a good addition to my current skill set. Ken is an excellent instructor. I gained so much knowledge and the 3 days flew by! I highly recommend you take it. Lauren Ventura, PT

I wouldn’t change anything…excellent practice, instruction, correction and peer/instructor feedback. This course was extremely informative. DN is a welcomed technique and will be very clinically useful . Daniel Diers, DPT, MPT, ATC

Loved how much HANDS ON there is! Ready to start DN tomorrow. I was given the tools to be successful! Come on, Level 2. Anthony Macaluso, PT

Haven taken 2 previous DN courses I enjoyed Ken’s different viewpoints and strategies. J.S., PT

Great hands-on experience. Great instructor. Left the course feeling confident and comfortable with DN. Best course I’ve taken in years! K.T., DPT, MLD

Very useful information that I can put into practice tomorrow. Instructor very knowledgeable. Fun course that went by quickly. Excited to use this to help my patients. Thanks, Ken! Michael Perkins, PT

This was a great course to apply DN concepts and treatment to common clinical situations. A great introduction into the DN world that will help my athletes greatly. Kyle Moore, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS

Great seminar. Another tool you can use in treatment. Makes you review and even re-learn anatomy and palpation skills. Even if you’ve taken another DN course, it’s another philosophy and approach. Michael A. Carter, ATC, CSCS

I have taken previous DN courses and felt limited. I feel Ken hits all the main areas that are clinically relevant, including non-muscular tissues. He emphasizes clinical progress instead of trying to get us to believe his way is the only way. Derek Fontenot, DPT

Bottom line: I loved practicing the different techniques and not reading research the whole weekend! Stephen O’Rear, PT, DPT

I felt better in my own body with long-term problems after this course! Plus, it was a great trigger point and anatomy review. I highly recommend it. Tamara L. Redman, PT

I enjoyed the practical approach to a new and possibly daunting treatment option for some clinicians. Ken does a nice job of explaining historical significance, absolute contraindications and best practice applications. This will no doubt add a new level of treatment effectiveness to my practice. G.M., MPT

I enjoyed the format of the way things were taught. The class had a really good flow. I also appreciated the style of how it was taught. Great combo of evidence based, personal experience and lab. Thank you again! Kristina Miller, MS, ATC/L

I enjoyed the hands-on experience and trust from strangers to let me practice on them! I also enjoyed Ken’s explanation of DN and knowledge/experience. I will be honest—I was skeptical at first with the whole DN process, but not any longer. Trinity Lambeth, MS, ATC

I felt there was a very good balance of hands on learning and lecture/presentations. It allowed me to visually see the technique as well as practice my own skills. Randall Ratcliff, ATC, PTA

I highly recommend the MasterDryNeedling course as an introduction to DN. It gave great hands-on practice mixed with good clinical background information. Safety was clearly highlighted and gave me confidence in my ability to perform these techniques on patients. K.L., PT, DPT, DCS

I would recommend this course because it gave me a better understanding of myofascial Pain and an effective treatment option with Dry Needling. It will especially help my patients with chronic MPS. M. L., DPT

I appreciated the low stress but knowledgeable presentation that offered practical and useful knowledge and applications! S. M., MPT

I strongly urge you to attend the course. It is also something patients will be asking for that some competitors may not offer. Dr. Ken makes everything easier to understand when it comes to DN! The way he explains and demonstrates techniques makes it much easier to apply clinically. I used to be confused about why we would choose to utilize DN. It will make a great difference. R.T., PT

I give this course 5 stars. Covered a lot of different DN techniques with a lot of supervised practice! Susan Walsh, DN, Med, ATC

I really enjoyed how hands-on this course was. Ken is a great instructor and he was willing to answer all of your questions. The host clinic was great. I enjoyed the manuals being sent digitally. Overall, I would take this course again and I plan on taking level 2 ASAP! Stephanie Owens-Burkhart, PT, DPT

Loved this course! Has a ton of hands-on time and almost didn’t want the seminar to end. Very well organized. Paula Weihler, DC

A very unique approach for PT’s who are not familiar with needling. This will save my hands from a lot of manual therapy on deep muscles! Great results. Great course. Mital Patel, PT

I believe this course to be quite effective for musculoskeletal ailments. Dr. Ken shared evidenced-based articles to support methods of treatment. Shanice Johnson, MS, ATC/L

Very informative class that enhances your treatment options. Great anatomy review as well. Mike Trammell, MPT

I give this course 5/5 stars. Wouldn’t change a thing. Travis Baker, DC

DN is a really effective treatment approach. I especially enjoyed the immediate relief I experienced with my own right tennis elbow! Dennis Chua, PT

This course is very hands-on. Doc is very informative and 100% available with great energy and expertise. He is an exceptionally great instructor. I have confidence to needle patients (AND MYSELF)! Ahmad Naeem, PT

This course was great! A fantastic review of anatomy and refining of palpation skills. Feeling the needle in others as well as on myself really helped for future patient care. Instructor was great! Very encouraging and knowledgeable. Looking forward to level II! Khushbu Shah, PT, DPT

This course shows how to treat so many conditions that I have not been able to treat with other methods…plus my own mid-back pain of seven years is now gone. Great instructor, great course. Thanks Ken. Russ Schenhase, ATC

Five stars. Very hands on course. I have had chronic pain for years. Many of my own areas are less painful. I have found multiple treatment zones to work on my own body and I continue to heal! Amy Brennan, PT, DPT

Good course to learn specific muscle treatment zones that might be best treated with needles. Great knowledge on thinking outside the box to treat common issues in a variety of treatment areas. Keith A Metteer, Med, ATC, CES, PES, IDN, DNC

Great course! Dr. Cooper gave us great information. He did a great job. The weekend went by quickly. M. L., ND

I very much enjoyed this course. I was apprehensive coming into it because I’m not a big fan of needles personally. Ken did a great job of explaining the safety with every single procedure and what neurovascular tissue to look out for. I plan on taking level 2 ASAP. A.C, PT, DPT

I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues. I thought we were given so many educational tools to use in terms of books, apps, authors and papers to find even more info that was awesome! We were given so many opportunities to both practice the techniques and experience them on ourselves as well. I really liked that we saw the instructor perform the technique first and then we practiced it on each other. We were able to ask about specific instances and patients we treat in our clinic and it was very helpful. This course was helpful, intriguing and useful. Amy Wehrs, PT, DPT

I liked the hands-on and it gave me a sense of exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. I also like how the instructor was so patient and demonstrated exactly what to do on each part of the body before we practiced on our lab partner. I’m ready for tomorrow! Margaret Miao, DPT

I enjoyed this course immensely. It was very hands-on, very informative and a lot of fun. Instructor was wonderful with incredible knowledge. Dillon S, MS, LAT, ATC

The instructor does an amazing job setting up a laid back and fun atmosphere. He will tell you the “ins and outs” of DN and the research to support it. He will also give away all his “secrets” so you, too, can be successful. It was an AMAZING class! Thank you! Brandi Piercy, PT, DPT, CSCS

I highly recommend. Great instructor..very open…easy to learn and practice. Jerry Huggins, PT, MS

Loved the practice. Loved the stories. Loved that power points didn’t dominate the course—hands-on did! Thanks so much for understanding as a clinician what is critical to a level 1 course and not wasting our time. M.M., PT, DPT

I really enjoyed the pace of the class. Also the way we went over each anatomical structure prior to needling. The anatomy app is extremely useful. The instructor was easy to talk to and does a phenomenal job making sure you’re doing the technique in the safest way possible. Sye Nobles, ATC, LAT

The hands-on portion of this course was excellent. The course was awesome. Can’t wait for level 2! John Mekala, PT, DPT

I really enjoyed this course. The instructor was very knowledgeable, professional and charismatic. Time went by fast because it was fun, well-structured and thorough. I loved the mix of evidence-based material and anecdotal evidence application. Anthony Branker, DSc, MS, ATC, LAT

I enjoyed how laid back Coop was but at the same time extremely knowledgeable and nice. He is a great teacher. This course greatly exceeded all my expectations. Armon Adibi

This seminar was very informative but fun at the same time. The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all questions with clinical application. He was great at keeping the class fun, relaxed and always learning at the same time. I was a little nervous with DN in general but now I can’t wait! Ann DeCoursey, PT, DPT

This course was great and very interactive. We quickly learned a technique and were able to practice and get instant feedback. The instructor was friendly and willing to teach and instruct one on one. He was always full of positive feedback. Elizabeth Ariel Garcia, MS, ATC, LAT

I enjoyed the amount of detail and science-based perspective that this course provided. I’m excited to begin. Cory J. Driskill, MS, ATC, LAT

Great seminar from knowledgeable instructors presenting material from a variety of perspectives! Alex Blair, PT, DPT

Dr. Cooper and Dr. Dixon: your humility is infectious! Thanks you for giving us such an amazing tool. I was able to witness first hand, not only in myself in a BIG way but with my lab partner as well, the power of DN. It has me excited to begin DN! I highly recommend this course and have already alerted my colleagues. Thank you for helping me to heal my own health issues! Norma B. Lopez, MS, ATC

Easy learning environment. Multiple instructor contacts. Noticeable changes in treatment outcomes on most every course participant! Megan B. McKoy, DPT

I would absolutely recommend this to others. I enjoyed all aspects of the course. Instructor was great about informing of problems or concerns in all body regions while giving a practitioner that is new to DN the tools to perform the technique safely and effectively. Robert Gaisford, MMedSC, ATC

Great course. Dr. Cooper and Dr. Dixon were extremely thorough and made sure each attendee’s technique was good and constantly emphasized safety as a priority. Matthew Greenberg, DPT

Great course! This instructor was one of the most knowledgeable course instructors I’ve ever had. He made me feel comfortable with a new skill and I feel like I can implement what I learned as soon as I’m back in the clinic. Vicky Bledsoe, PT

I would highly recommend this course for ATCs and PTs. Often traditional treatment techniques may be ineffective and this is another great tool for your toolbox. I think I’ve FOUND IT and I’m excited to begin using this power, effective treatment! Shawna Deann Baker, MS, ATC

The instructor was awesome in his experience and teaching style. Learned a lot of very useful techniques that will significantly widen my scope of practice. Jordan Mazick, PT, DPT

I recommend this course to everyone in the fields that state boards allow. It was fast paced and you learn A LOT. Instructor was quite knowledgeable in multiple disciplines. S. S., PT, DPT

The instructor seemed to have a knack of hitting all the different learning styles of the attendees. DN opens up so many possibilities with my manual therapy skills. You’ll be able to add to your toolbox immediately. Elizabeth Winland, MS, LAT, ATC, LMT

I would recommend this course to every colleague I have. Great hands-on practice, very safe techniques, everything is gone over in detail and immediate results. Personally, I had a lot of dysfunction I was unaware of and a shoulder dysfunction I was aware of was treated successfully by my partner on the second day with DN. Keasha M. Russell, MS, ATC

I highly recommend this course because the teaching style was laid back but very thorough and informative. It was also reassuring and helped my confidence around sensitive areas like the lungs. I fell that I have the tools to begin as well as the confidence to be successful. Carissa McKizzie, LAT, ATC, FMS

I love the “learn by doing” approach. I appreciated the content that was covered because of how commonly conditions are seen clinically. The knowledge and passion for DN was heartfelt and in no way came across as arrogant while we were taught. Thank you, thank you! Dustin Elliot

Not only can you treat most of your patient population you can also treat yourself in some areas…it is rare that you can practice any manual technique on yourself so easily. Kelsey Lewis, PT, DPT

I had sharp subscapular pain for the past several months that would improve with treatment but never fully resolve. But this all changed during the course as I was needled ! Andre Acuna, PT, DPT

I came into the course looking for answers about DN and leaving with not only that but a whole new way of thinking about patient care and thinking outside the box. Seth Lawrence, PT, DPT

The instructor was able to share a lot of practical information to not just practice DN but know where DN has been and where it’s going. Overall he was nice, fun and non-intimidating as an instructor. I had a good time in this course. B.H. PT, DPT

I loved this course. He made it so easy to understand and offered great tips/techniques on how to apply DN in a clinical setting. There were great anatomy reviews and apps to use in the seminar and in the clinic also. A.I.S., PTA

I loved the laid back atmosphere which provided an excellent learning experience. There was lots of hands-on class time as well as demonstration with helpful feedback from the instructor. He was very knowledgeable and encouraging. A.S., PT, DPT

The safety steps and precautions to DN that were presented in this course are invaluable!! This course is a MUST for practicing clinicians. D. D. PT, DPT

This course taught me not only DN skills but clinical thinking skills. I can easily incorporate DN into my everyday practice for the benefit of my patients after taking this course. Salena Acosta, PT, DPT

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