There Are 12 Lesson In Our Master Class
24 Home Study Credit Hours

Open to any clinician who has taken a Level 1 class from ANY dry needling seminar company.

Combining Total Motion Release with Dry Needling

Total Motion Release has revolutionized the way that thousands of clinicians treat the human body by

working on areas that are seemingly unrelated to the patient’s complaint and seeing tremendous

results. We will explore dry needling through the TMR lens and teach you how to get fast and effective

results by taking a global approach to your treatments.

Dry Needling The Thigh & Knee For Runners

Many runners complain about pain or problems in their IT band, quad, lateral knee and hip regions. In

this master class, we will discuss dry needling techniques to solve these difficult issues and get runners

back out on the road or trail and doing what they love.

Dry Needling The Lower Leg For Runners

Unfortunately, avid runners usually push through lower leg and ankle pain, exposing them to further

pain or injury. As clinicians, it is our job to find the cause of the pain, fix it and keep them moving. Here,

we will present a variety of dry needling techniques that we can employ to deal with things like

gastroc/soleus pain, Achilles tendonitis/osis, Peroneal pain, shin splints, and more.

Dry Needling For FAI, Sports Hernia and Hip Labral Tears

Hip pain and dysfunction can be incredibly challenging to deal with. Pathologies such as Femoral

Acetabular Impingement, Hip Labral Tears, and Sports Hernias tend to be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Here, we will discuss how dry needling can be a powerful tool for treating all of these conditions when

used properly.

Dry Needling The Spine

Dry needling the spinal region can be highly effective for just about any condition that a patient is

experiencing because of its impact on nerve roots. But, needling this area can also be intimidating for

many clinicians. In this master class, we will review the basics of needling the spine to stay safe and

discuss innovative ways to integrate needling this area into your larger treatment plan.

Dry Needling The Pelvic Region

Dr Sara Austin will be discussing many of the items that she teaches in pelvic dry needling course

presented by Master Dry Needling in an effort to introduce you to core concepts and techniques that

are important for treating the pelvic region and special populations that benefit from needling this area

of the body.

Utilizing Electrical Stimulation with Dry Needling

Combining electrical stimulation with dry needling can be a very powerful technique for down regulating

pain in many patients. These techniques can be used as both a progression and a regression with our

overall treatment approach. Unfortunately, there is limited information available on the proper

parameters with e-stim and dry needling, so we will be discussing best practices as we currently

understand them.

Dry Needling For SI Dysfunction

Almost every clinician is treating Sacroiliac Dysfunction because it is incredibly common. Effectively

treating this area of the body when it is dysfunctional is vital because of its impact on the rest of the

body. In this master class, we will discuss using dry needling to modify tone in important structures and

treat SI related pain.

Combining Diagnostic Ultrasound with Dry Needling

The improvements in diagnostic ultrasound in recent years have made it accessible to most, if not all

clinicians. When used in conjunction with dry needling, ultrasound can improve needling techniques

and help to visualize structures that we either want to needle or visualize structures that we want to

avoid in an effort to stay safe. In this course, we will present the basics of diagnostic ultrasound and

demonstrate how it can successfully be used in a clinical setting in conjunction with dry needling.

Dry Needling The Shoulder For Overhead Athletes

Overhead athletes can be defined in a number of ways, but for our purposes, it is anyone who

repetitively performs motions above their head, including throwers, swimmers, volleyball players or

factory workers. These individuals have special needs with respect to shoulder health and dry needling

can and should be an integral part of their overall maintenance and care program.

Dry Needling The Arm For Overhead Athletes

Many overhead athletes, including throwing athletes, racquet sports and club sports experience pain

and dysfunction in their wrist, forearm, elbow and upper arm. Dry needling can be highly effective in

treating conditions involving the arm, especially when they are chronic in nature. During this webinar,

we will present specific strategies for dry needling common conditions of the arm for this population

Tuesday: June 20th, 2023 : 7 PM - 9 PM (EST)

Dry Needling For Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior knee pain is extremely common in active individuals of all ages. Here, you will learn common

causes of anterior knee pain and how to successfully treat knee pain with both a local and global