Host A Course At Your Place

Hosting Requirements

As far as space requirements, we need an area to accommodate 1 treatment table for every two attendees to practice needling one another. (Portable massage tables are acceptable.), good internet facility. We also need a screen or wall space with enough chairs and space for the attendees to watch power point presentations. We offer a free tuition spot (a $995 value) to the host in exchange for the use of their facility and for providing light snacks, refreshments, and drinks (no meals) throughout the weekend. If we receive more than 25 paid participants, you get a second free spot and if we get more than 40 paid participants, you can get a third free spot.  It is a 3-day course beginning Friday 8 am and concluding Sun afternoon.

Class materials like needles etc are provided by us free of cost.

If this sounds do-able for you just let me know soon. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you. Below is the list of dates available.

If interested email or text us with your Name, email, location details, city & State, nearest international airport  : 
Email us at :
Text Us: 919-307-7973 

Currently booking 2020. 

Reasons to Sponsor Courses by Master Dry Needling :

• Set your company apart from the competitors.

• Significant cost savings

• All clinicians share the same learning experience and clinical expertise

• Excellent marketing opportunities

• Revenue generating

• Fundraising opportunities for professional organizations

• Sponsoring a course is usually reserved for larger corporations who usually limit participation to their own eligible employees.

Reasons to Host a Course
• Hosting a course is usually the best option for smaller organizations, Colleges, Universities with fewer than 30 eligible employees. Professional associations may opt to host courses as a service to their members.

• Significant cost-savings

• Become a regional center of excellence in education

• All clinicians share the same learning experience and clinical expertise

• Limited financial risk

• More suitable for smaller organizations

WE ALSO DO PRIVATE COURSES FOR PRACTICES (MINIMUM OF 15 STAFF REQUIRED. There is no free spot for Private Courses). Contact us at: for more details.