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dry needle classMASTER DRY NEEDLING

Take your Practice to Whole New Level of Healing with our Dry Needing Course – LEVEL I


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Dry Needling Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

1. Have a thorough understanding of DN history and clinical applications.
2. Understand normal and abnormal muscle contraction physiology.
3. Identify precipitating and perpetuating factors in trigger point (TP) syndromes.
4. Identify muscle attachments and trigger points by surface anatomy and muscle testing.
5. Identify ligamentous and tenoperiosteal tissues by surface anatomy.
6. Properly insert needles into each tissue identified including depth and angle of penetration.
7. Understand and apply Total Motion Release concepts into treatment.
8. Understand absolute and relative contraindications to DN therapy.
9. Identify type of tissue encountered at the end of a needle using “needle palpation.”
10. Utilize the different needling techniques and stimulation performed across the field.
11. Discuss and apply electrical stimulation to inserted needles.

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