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Please do not make any flight, hotel reservations or travel plans until 3 weeks before the class
We will also email you a "seminar confirmation" email, and then you can make all the travel arrangments. As seminars depend on lot of factors like local climate, host finalization, minimum no. of attendee count for class etc.. hence we need to wait and make sure that all this is covered before the class and its hassle-free for you all.

The manual-handouts will be emailed to you a week before the class
Our emails are sometimes going to spam or trash folders, so please have a look at those places as well for our emails. ** In case you do not hear from us 5-days prior to the class, please get back to us asap.** 

An Alternate email is required: As we email out the manual and handouts, it may go to spam or get rejected by many university domains, servers etc. So we request you to help us with another email (gmail, yahoo etc) so that you get all our communication emails.* 

Class Materials Needed:  (needles & gloves will be provided)

Make sure to bring 
1. Earphones or headphones
2. A tablet or Ipad, laptop etc or any other device where you can watch online internet videos from our membership website. We will be referring to a lot of video files during the class to help us understand the course better.
3. Download these apps for class.  Muscle Trigger Points by Real Bodywork.  And Either Essential Anatomy (latest one) by 3D4 Medical OR Human Anatomy Atlas (latest one) by VisibleBody.  
Gym clothes are a must. Tank tops help. Guys, briefs are easier to deal with than boxers for proximal adductor and hamstring attachments…up to you. Gals, bikini tops help for anterior and posterior trunk access. Many previous female attendees have suggested thongs for the gals to make piriformis and glutes easier to access. We will have gowns/towels available for draping as needed. We will try to make it through the weekend with as little embarrassment as possible.

Seminar Times
The Seminars are 3 days, Friday – Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, the course begins at 8 am and conclude by 7 pm. On Sunday the course begins at 8 am and we should conclude by 3 pm.

• You are responsible for your own lunch on all days. Meals will be not be provided. 

Seminar Location: 
• The seminar location, hotel, and travel information can be found on the registration page under each corresponding course dates.

Refer & Earn Opportunity:

We have a great opportunity for you to earn some $$. Refer our course to your friends, colleagues, co-workers, staff,  and all your contacts, and once they enroll, you get $$ refunded to your account.  For every referral, you earn $50.  Just have them email us at and let us know they were referred by you.

Order a Starter Needling Kit Now - so you can start Dry Needling Monday Morning. The company we use is called PT United. You can call them at :  480-788-6483.  You will notice two starter kits but starter kit #1 is all you need to get started. You can delete the stim unit if you like from that kit. You will get more detail about this during the seminar too. 

In you have any questions, please email us at   OR  text/call us at 919-307-7973, with your name and email.

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