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Master Dry Needling Of The Pelvic Floor

Master Dry Needling Of The Pelvic Floor - Agenda

Day 1 (9 hours)

8:00-9:00      Literature Review and Emergence of the Technique.
9:00-11:00   3-D Detailed Anatomical Review of the Pelvic Floor
11:00-1:00   Lab Practical: Manual Examination of the Male and Female Pelvic Floor
1:00-2:00      Lunch 
2:00-4:00 – Review of DN Techniques of Clinically Important Muscles Outside Pelvic Floor
4:00-6:00 – Lab:  Bulbospongiosus

Day 2 (7 hours)

8:00-9:00   Lab:  Ischiocavernosus
9:00-10:00    Lab: Obturator Internus and Externus
10:00-11:00  Lab: Superficial and Deep Transverse Perinei
11:00-12:00   Lab: Pubococcygeus, Iliococcygeus and Coccygeus
12:00-2:30  Lab: DN of Ligaments of the Hip and Pelvis region
2:30-3:00   Q&A and Post-course Test.

Master Dry Needling Of The Pelvic Floor - Description

Master Dry Needling of the Pelvic Floor is a lab intensive on-site course designed to instruct participants in the application of dry needling to female and male pelvic floor musculature and associated neuroanatomical structures, including the thoracolumbar spine, abdomen, pelvis and hip joint complex. Cesarean section and mastectomy scar needling, as well as pelvic HVLA will be included. This course will provide a comprehensive review of anatomy, practice hands-on examination techniques and discuss clinical reasoning related to disorders of the pelvic floor, cesarean section and mastectomy scars. This course is a revolutionary approach to treating patients with pelvic floor dysfunction commonly associated with pelvic pain, incontinence, voiding dysfunction and/or sexual pain or dysfunction.  Dry needling will assist with the restoration of muscle function, improve proprioception, reduce and eliminate pain, and normalize tissue sensitivity to optimize patients’ function and quality of life.  

Master Dry Needling Of The Pelvic Floor -Course Format

This two-day course combines lecture, hands-on-demonstrations and laboratory practice of selected advanced dry needling techniques. Students will have a partner and laboratory practice will be performed on each other. Furthermore, associated manual examination and treatment techniques will be performed.  Participants will benefit from a maximum 1:8 instructor/student ratio, and will undergo an on-site skills assessment prior to the conclusion of the course.  In addition, a post-test will be required in order to obtain course certificate of completion.  

Please note:  Internal pelvic floor assessment is not required and will not be a component of the course work. 

2-Day Onsite Course CEUs: 16 hours onsite

Master Dry Needling Of The Pelvic Floor - Prerequisites

PT’s must have taken at least 1 pelvic floor course. Other professions that regularly work with the pelvic floor, but do not have a specific certification, Please email the instructor, Jason Schuster, Completion of 1 prior Dry Needling courses, either through our company or any other company.  State practice act that includes dry needling as being within scope of practice.  Active malpractice insurance. Current license as a PT, MD, DO, DC, PA, AT or NP. If other professions are allowed to perform DN per State Board, that is acceptable. 

Note to Participants: During portions of the course the pelvic floor proper will be exposed and treated. It is essential each attendee understands and expects this prior to course purchase and attendance. Each student will needle, and be needled in the pelvic floor.

NOTE: this course does NOT include internal palpation or treatment. The lone exception to this is the female Bulbospongiosus, which has the option of internal guidance with the non-needling, gloved hand. Participation is not mandatory for this technique.

Master Dry Needling Of The Pelvic Floor - Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

1.Participants will demonstrate competency with anatomy, palpation and the application of dry needling to the muscles of the pelvic girdle, thoracolumbar spine, and abdomen.

2. Participants will demonstrate competency with anatomy, palpation and the application of dry needling to cesarean section and mastectomy scar tissue.

3. Participants will understand the rationale for selecting dry needling to achieve optimal patient outcomes using clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice.

4. Participants will gain a strong appreciation of neurology and dysfunction in the nervous system associated with the pelvic floor, including visceral and somatic dysfunction.

5. Participants will practice the application of electrical stimulation with dry needling to the pelvic floor and associated anatomical structures to improve identified neuromuscular dysfunction.

6. Consider the patient’s mechanism of injury or surgical interventions to decide which interventions to deliver and a rationale for ordering them.

7. Effectively identify the muscular anatomy of the pelvic floor with both vaginal and rectal examination and determine muscular atrophy versus hypertonus dysfunction as contributing factors to patient complaints.

8. Understand visceral barriers for safety considerations when inserting a dry needle into a patient.

9. Consider structural and soft tissue anatomy to appropriately insert a dry needle and consider depth for application to achieve desired patient outcome.

10. Demonstrate manual therapy techniques to address coccyx deviations and muscle spasm in the pelvic floor.

11. Demonstrate 3 pelvic HVLA manipulations.

12. Pass a written and Practical Exam.

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